Which type of investment or donation is eligible for a tax rebate?

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If a taxpayer invests or donates in the following cases, he will get a direct income tax rebate of 15% of the investment and donated amount**.

Investment Sector:

The following is a list of investment and donation sectors of a taxpayer:

  1. Life insurance premium.
  2. Contributions to the provident fund of government officials.
  3. Employer and officer contributions to recognized provident funds.
  4. Contributions to welfare funds and group insurance funds
  5. Contributions to the Super Innovation Fund.
  6. Maximum investment of Rs. 60,000 / – per annum in Deposit Payment Scheme of any Scheduled Bank or Financial Institution.
  7. Invest in the purchase of savings certificates
  8. Investment in shares, stocks, mutual funds, or debentures of companies listed on stock exchanges in Bangladesh.
  9. Investment in Treasury Bonds approved by the Government of Bangladesh;
  10. Invest in purchasing a computer or laptop within certain limits.


  1. Donation to zakat fund.
  2. Donation to any charitable hospital approved by the National Board of Revenue.
  3. Donations to organizations established for the welfare of the disabled.
  4. Donations were made to the Liberation War Museum.
  5. Donate to Aga Khan Development Network.
  6. Donate to Ahsania Cancer Hospital.
  7. Donations made to ICDDRB
  8. CRP Donations made at CRP, Savar.
  9. Donations to public welfare or educational institutions are approved by the government.
  10. Donate to Asiatic Society, Bangladesh.
  11. Donation to Dhaka Ahsania Mission Cancer Hospital.
  12. Grants to any national level organization engaged in the protection of the memory of the Liberation War.
  13. Grants to national level organizations engaged in the protection of the memory of the Father of the Nation.

** The amount of such investment and donation for tax relief is 30% of the total income (recognized — in the fund — Chada, final tax as determined under section 62C and if there is any income applicable to the reduced tax rate) or 1,50,00,000 /. = Money or actual investment cannot be more than less of the three.

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