Evolution of Bangla Typing Software and Which one is the best of all time on the basis of Universal Acceptance

Bangla Typing Software or Bangla Software The use of computers in Bangladesh began in the early 1980s. The attempt to use Bangla on computers began a few years later.

Two components are required to write Bangla on computers. One is a Bangla font and the other is a keyboard driver. These two components are quite different from each other, but the use of one is completely dependent on the other. These two components are considered under the rubric of Bangla software.
The first Bangla software developed for Mac was called 'Shahidlipi' marketed in 1984. This package of a font and a keyboard driver was developed by Saif ud Doha Shahid and it was created to facilitate Bangla typing for computers. But In December 1988, Ananda Computers of Dhaka launched 'Bijoy', a Bangla font and keyboard package for Macintosh. The enterprise was spearheaded by Mostafa Jabbar and Golam Farukh Ahmed. Later, a Windows version of it was developed and It was widely accepted by the masses as standard ². 
However, Avro Keyboard is another popular Bangla typing software that is Unicode and ANSI compliant and has a built-in Bangla spell checker. It is flexible, feature-rich, customizable, and user-friendly. It also has a lot of typing automation tools that you have never imagined ¹. Avro Keyboard supports most modern English to Bangla phonetic typing methods and offers a much more flexible user interface for even novice computer users. It is much better than Windows Input Locale as there is no necessary to edit your system language from the control panel. Users can use the Avro Keyboard and any other keyboard in any language defined in the control panel simultaneously ¹. 

There is some misconception about Avro and Bijoy which is their programming language called Unicode and ASCII programming language. Generally  Bijoy classic built in ASCII programming language and other hand of Avro built in by Unicode by default. Unicode there are all the web versions like web browsing, email writing  is supported. and on the other hand ASCII does not support the web version. There are many types of front for writing Bangla. Most of the people using Sutony MJ front, which is only supported the ASCII programming language. For the Government of a shell there is a front called Nikosh which is supported by ASCII and Unicode and its official typing front for all government officials. Nikosh is a lightweight typing font other than the rest of the typing font of Bangla. If users use the Unicode & select the front called Nikesh that is universally supported all the web and offline for typing Bangla, then any user using Avro or Bijoy not any Bangla word will be broken. 

In conclusion, both Bijoy and Avro Keyboard are popular Bangla typing software. However, the Avro Keyboard is more feature-rich and user-friendly than Bijoy. It is also Unicode and ANSI compliant and has a built-in Bangla spell checker. Therefore, Avro Keyboard is the best Bangla typing software of all time on the base of universal use ¹.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 09/12/2023
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