Required Documents List for VAT Registration (e-BIN)

Required Documents List for VAT Registration / Update / Opening e-BIN:

  1. Authentic Cell Number
  2. Authentic e-mail Address
  3. Company Address: As per Trade License & Operational
  4. Number of employees
  5. Turnover Information: Company last year transaction & Next One-year approximate transaction
  6. Major Area of Economic Activity
  7. If Manufacturer: (1) Input-Output Information (2) Layout Plan equipment (3) List of Machinery & equipment
  8. Last e-BIN (9 Digit/11Digit)
  9. Import Registration License (If Necessary) (Import item list with HS (Harmonic System) Code)
  10. Export registration License (If Necessary)
  11. Trade License
  12. All Bank Statement (Last One year)
  13. Company E-TIN
  14. All Director's NID/Passport
  15. MOA, AOA & Incorporation Certificate
  16. Authorized person Details (Who will maintain the online e-BIN services): NID, Cell Number, E-mail, Designation
  17. Any Other Documents if Necessary.