“Corporation Sabha” of DSCC is the second largest Parliament of Bangladesh

“Corporation Sabha” (কর্পোরেশন সভা) of Dhaka South City Corporation is the second largest Parliament of Bangladesh.

The largest legislative and policy-making forum for the people’s representatives of Bangladesh is the “Jati Sangsad”. 300 general elected parliamentarians and 50 reserved women parliamentarians in the National Parliament of Bangladesh, a total of 350 representatives, play a special role in the country’s legislative and policy-making during the parliamentary session. Members of Parliament have a great influence on development everywhere in the country from villages to cities.
A “Corporation Sabha” is held by the Dhaka South City Corporation with public representatives, which is said to be the second largest legislature/parliament in the country. “Corporation Sabha” consists of all ward councilors of Dhaka South City Corporation and plays a special role in making laws, rules, and policies of the corporation. In the corporation meeting, 75 general councilors and 25 reserved women councilors totaled 100 people’s representatives in the corporation meeting. In the DSCC Corporation meeting, policy-making decisions were taken regarding the overall development of Dhaka South.
This is why the “Corporation Sabha” of Dhaka South City Corporation is known as the second-largest parliament in Bangladesh.