Dhaka toward Digital to Smart City


Digital Bangladesh was the manifesto of the Bangladesh Awami League in the early 2008 elections. Now it’s going from Digital to Smart in late 2022. In the last decades, the economic development of Bangladesh rapidly increased.

As the slogan of “Our Dhaka, Our Tradition” Barrister Sheikh Fazla Noor Taposh, Mayor of Dhaka South City Corporation started his master plan vision of 2041 as a smart & eco-friendly Dhaka City. Dhaka has already become well enough as a Digital city now it’s time to make it as a smart city and be recognized around the globe. Within a few years, Dhaka will be connected with a metro service & elevated expressway. The benefit of Metro & Elevated Expressway will increase the working hour of Dhaka City and it will increase our economic development tremendously.

Smart City

The clean Dhaka campaign focuses on the eco-friendly waste management systems of Dhaka City Corporation. It points out those MNCs & industries that use plastic for their product & marketing purposes. If all those MNCs & industries reduce the use of Plastic for their product and they use eco-friendly materials instead of Plastic, it will make a huge impact on our environment. It’s time to follow the ESG model (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) for all those companies & industries.